Artists in Residence program in Yamacho District

Our Artist in Residence program welcomes artists working in a variety of genres to live and work in the historic district of Takaoka, immersing themselves in our way of life here and becoming part of the community during their stay.
We offer artists the ability to gather public exposure for their work and free opportunities for local residents to experience diverse artistic expressions.

About Yamacho District

Takaoka was established when the second lord Maeda Toshinaga built the Takaoka Castle about 400 years ago. After overcoming several crises, the third lord Maeda Toshitsune transformed the castle town into a town of commerce and industry. The Yamacho District (Yamacho-suji) was a center of distribution and prospered as the center of commerce. The merchant culture flourished and has been handed over beyond generations since then.
In 1900, the town was damaged by a huge fire. Houses were rebuilt with the fire-proof Dozo-zukuri structure, and some of the houses still remain in the district. These houses, a fusion of Japanese traditional architecture and Western architecture, deeply reflect the merchant culture of the Yamacho District.

Designated cultural property of Takaoka city

Takaoka Dozo-zukuri Museum

The house was built in 1903.
The former owner of the house, the Murosaki family was a merchant family that engaged in the wholesale business of cotton thread and cloth.
You can see inside of the main house and walk through the original “Tori-doma” (An earthen floor connecting the entrance and the backyard), which leads you to their storehouse.

Program Details

Residency period June 6, 2024 (Check-in) – June 17, 2024 (Check-out)
Residency location Takaoka Dozo-zukuri Museum
Number of Participants 4 people
Qualification -Individuals engaged in artistic pursuits. (Hereafter referred to as “the artist” regardless of background or genre.)
-The artist should understand the purpose of his or her visit to the Takaoka Dozo-zukuri Museum and be able to stay or participate during the period for which they are invited.
-The artist who can interact and establish good relationships with other artists and local residents during their stay.
-The artist should be able to explain their artwork in English or Japanese.
-In good health condition.
Pay by artists -Travel Expenses
-Living Expenses
-Production Expenses (Amounts in excess of supported expenses)
-The Work After The End of Residence: The artist must remove and pack the work by themselves after the end of the exhibition. Transportation and/or shipping expenses shall be borne by the artist.
Support for artists -Production Expenses support: 40,000 JPY
-Accommodation: A single room of the Takaoka Dozo-dukuri Museum is provided. *The expense will not be paid for days residing outside Takaoka City for personal reasons such as traveling etc.
-Hold an exhibition to present the results of the residency.
Please be noted ・Personal information provided at the time of application will be used only for the operation of this program and will be deleted after the program ends.
・The organizer and venue are not responsible for any accidents, theft, etc. that occur inside and outside the venue.
・Please wait for the final decision to be informed before making your travel plans or bookings.
・Visa: If necessary, the artist living abroad should obtain a passport and visa to enter Japan (at the expense of self-cost). For details, please contact the Japanese Embassy in your country.
Contact Takaoka Dozo-zukuri Museum
Phone +81 90 6815 7505
or please use Contact Form


Residency period: June 6, 2024 (Check-in) – June 17, 2024 (Check-out)
Field Trip: June 7, 2024
Exhibition period: June 14, 2024 – June 16, 2024